Thursday, July 2, 2009

E. J. Rand & the "Perfect Cover" in Bookland Heights

SAY GOODBYE: A second chance at love is the last thing on Gary's mind: He wears his wedding ring to preserve memories. When he's forced to become an amateur sleuth, he meets Becca, the witness to the fatal crash, and she's wearing a wedding band as defense against men. Yet they're attracted to one another. He digs into his friend's murder, uncovers a major corporate scam, and falls for Becca--allowing him to say goodbye to his late wife. But when the killer comes for him and takes her, he may have to say goodbye again.

PERFECT COVER:Gary and Becca are married, and women are being attacked in the hospital where she serves as a nurse. Gary is asked to look into it: In exchange, Becca is taken off the night shift. When she finds out, and he won't let her become involved in his sleuthing, she volunteers as a police decoy to catch a killer. They can't know two murderous plots are afoot. Gary aborts one, and for revenge the killer targets Becca from a direction that blind-sides the couple.

About the books: SAY GOODBYE was published in 2/08 just after the author turned 70 years old. The second, PERFECT COVER, was published in 12/08, and the third, HIGHER CALLING, is due out in hard cover in July. Awards include: Deadly Ink Press' Best Unpublished Manuscript award and SAY GOODBYE went on to Final in the 2008 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. PERFECT COVER has been named a 2009 Finalist in that international contest, and in March '09 a submission of DARK SEA was named a winner in Mystery Writers of America/New York Chapter's 2008-2009 Mentor Contest. The Reluctant Sleuth Mystery Series is about a married couple who are amateur sleuths. The author's goal in every novel is to evolve them so they see each other differently, at the end, because of what's happened.

From the author E.J. Rand: "I want readers to walk along with the characters. I'm writing about married amateur sleuths: evolving them is my challenge, and expressing their intimacy is my delight."

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  1. Welcome to Bookland Heights, E.J.!

    I understand you attended a writers' conference recently...Please tell us about it.


  2. Along with other authors, I was a panelist, question answerer, book signer, and, I'll admit, foodie at the Deadly Ink Mystery Writers Conference on June 27-28 at the Sheraton Parsippany in New Jersey. It's an annual event--much to learn, many good people to meet--and years earlier at the conference is where I committed to write. So good things can happen there. Website's See you there in 2010.
    E. J. Rand (

  3. Sounds like you actively participated in the event all the way from panelist to getting to meet some of your fans!

    Can you share a bit about your writing inspiration and experiences?


  4. Welcome to BH, Edward! Wish I still lived in central Jersey, I'd go to Deadly Ink next year. I've heard such wonderful things about the conference.