Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fran Lewis & "Bertha Speaks Out!"

"My Name is Bertha" is about an overweight young girl. The teasing, name calling and problems that are associated with her weight problem are typical for a young person in her position. But the real problem isn't just her peers teasing her it's also the lack of help from some of the adults she encounters. -- Martha Cheves "Stir, Laugh, Repeat"

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  1. Fran, we're so happy to have you visit Bookland Heights!

    Will you please give our readers a bit more insight into your books and your inspiration behind writing them?


  2. Biography: Fran Lewis

    Born in the South Bronx, I grew up with people from many ethnic backgrounds. I learned to play and work with children in my school that came from other countries and different places.
    I was always over weight as a child and got picked on a lot by the other children in my class and even my teachers. I found it hard to do many of the sporting activities that my sister and cousins could do. I learned at an early age that kids can be mean and I promised myself that I would never retaliate or do mean things to other kids in return.

    When I decided to write my short stories I realized that I had a lot to say about my youth and in both of my books I tell about a ten year old girl named Bertha who learns to deal with real life issues kids face today at home and in school.

    As an educator I the New York City Public Schools for ove 36 years, I realized just how unique and precious our children are. I was the reading and writing staff developer in my school and the dean. I loved the children and had the respect of my fellow teachers and parents.

    Teaching children to read was really very rewarding and introducing them to writing and creating their own stories was exciting for the students.

    I love reading different kinds of books in many different genres. I have started reviewing books of new authors and those that are more established. I love giving them great reviews and saying wonderful things about their writing.

  3. Fran: Thank you for the reminder that our words and actions can be very hurtful to others -- for a lifetime.

    That's exciting you're doing book reviews.

    There maybe some authors who view this blog contacting you!


  4. I would love to do reviews for more authors. I enjoy reading books by other authors. It helps me to learn more about the craft and more about what people want to read. I can't wait for my third book Bertha Fights back to be out soon. Fran

  5. feel free to email bertha Fran

  6. I am writing a book about Alzheimer's to honor my mom and try and raise money for the organization. The title is Why ME? Why Her? Why Anyone?.
    It will tell her journey in her own words from the minute she found out she had the disease and information to help anyone who needs to get help for a parent or loved one to learn how to get this care. It will also have information explaining the disease. Fran

  7. I am now writing reviews for, rromance and more sites. Hope that more children will want to get to know my Bertha. Fran

  8. Fran, it's so good to see you here at Bookland Heights. I enjoyed reading about your personal connection to Bertha. It's so sad that childhood is so hard for many children due to the teasing and bullying in school. I did student teaching at an LA inner-city school in the 70s. It was a tough place to be for kids & teachers. And so sad. So many boys in gangs & their fathers too!
    Thanks again for sharing your own story!

  9. Bertha fights back should be out by the beginning of next month. It deals with real life issues that kids face in middle school today. It deals with Face Book, Utube, My Space and tolerance and understanding of children that come from different countries and are of different races and nationalities.