Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bookland Heights Proudly Welcomes J.P. Daly!

Black Hole: A Novel by J.P. Daly
After the sudden disappearance of her husband, Allison Pierce must build a new life for herself and for her two young sons. Along the way she discovers herself, her strength, the value of friendship, and a new way to define what a family can be with the power of love behind it.

About the Author: Jennifer Peterson Daly was born in Massachusetts and has moved 41 times in her life. She now resides in Central Florida with her two sons.

After graduating with a BS in Written Communications from Eastern Michigan University, she started working in marketing and PR for various corporations and non profits. Currently, she is a full time marketing manager for a software company and a full time single mom.
Jennifer enjoys traveling, photography, cars, horseback riding, biking, reading, and spending time with family and friends.

Black Hole: A Novel, was begun in June of 2007 on a dare from a friend, and took a year to complete. Interestingly, after writing it, things that happened in the book began happening to her. She is currently working on a sequel to Black Hole: A Novel as well as a book on Internet dating titled, It's Just Coffee (or is it?).

Black Hole, 400 pages, Romance Fiction
ISBN 1434834573 / 9781434834577

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  1. Welcome, Jennifer!

    I love to learn about black holes in space and my last name is Black...

    Tell me more about your book that you obviously titled just for me! :>)

    Seriously, can you tell us a little something about the book or writing it you've not shared before?


  2. I am enjoying following your tour...

  3. Hi Diana and Andrea!

    Thanks for your interest! You can download a PDF of the first three chapters on for no charge. :-D

    The title originally was Unexpected. Then the Black Hole references kept coming up and I caved. Like most of the book, it wasn't in my control. The book was interesting. I never set out to write a novel. A friend said I could write about anything and asked for two pages about a woman on an elevator. I did, and she said, "Then what?" 400 pages later. The weird thing: things that I wrote about happened to me the year after I finished it! THAT was... yeow! My life now and my life a year's like I am a different person.

    Diana, it's a "sign" you need to read it. :-D

    Here's the first few sentences:


    That Button

    That damn thing is glaring at me, she thought, and felt her breakfast roll around in her stomach. It was being stirred by someone with a large spoon.

    No. Not yet.

    Standing in front of a mirrored elevator, dressed in a mauve suit that still smelled vaguely of cedar and mothballs (despite a careful application of perfume to diffuse it), she took a deep breath, held it, her lungs burning, and tried glaring back. Ten, twenty, thirty, forty seconds went by before the air
    demanded release and she pushed a noisy “Whooooosh” out with it.

    It was no use. It was the size of a silver dollar. It was white. It had a large
    black up arrow on it."

  4. Andrea and Diana, do either of you outline before you write? I seem to write weirdly, LOL. I write the beginning and the ending and then fill in chapters, completely out of order!

    You both seem so organized and an "old timer" in the writing world, any newbie tips?

  5. Hi Jenna,

    Welcome to Bookland Heights! "Black Hole" sounds very intriguing!!

    To your question above: I don't outline, but I know a lot of writers do. I've hated outlining since 7th grade, so it's not something that excites me, and I haven't found that it helps my writing. But, every writer is different.


  6. What's an outline?


    But no, I generally don't when I'm writing fiction. In my grant writing and other non-fiction projects, yes, I do outline. Not formally, but just enough to keep me on track.

    Fiction, for me, is about letting it just unfold, so that I'm as surprised as any other reader when I see the words appear on the page.

    Okay, yeah. After I rewrite it about a million times.

    Is there one thing you wish you'd done differently now that your novel is complete?


  7. Diana, cool question, I had to think about that one! (And my Venti Latte is long gone).

    All in all, no. I did have a brief phase when my main character decided she wanted the book to end a different way than I did. I dimly entertained the idea, but could not reconcile her actions with how the character had evolved. So. I revolted by refusing to write for two weeks. When I went back to it, she had changed her mind. :-).

    I might go the traditional route after this and submit it to publishers, although, from what I hear, I might as well burn copies for the response I will get. That's why I went this way.

    Funny Diana, I do the same with writing for work (more structured). Perhaps my creative muses are rebelling against that when I write fiction?

    Does anyone here have a "favorite place" to write, where the energies just flow? With me... airplanes! LOL

  8. I've been through that "black hole" twice. This sounds like a book that is needed by all young ladies and men who find themselves alone with or without children. I'm putting you on my must read list.

  9. Martha thank you. I've been lurking your site for quite some time and am buying your book today.

    I wrote Black Hole a year prior to my divorce. It was very cathartic. Halfway through the voice in it seems to change, almost like two people wrote it.

    The sequel contains a cooking elememt. Cooking seems to ground people and put them in the present moment. Have to condentrate or you will ruin it. Tangible, sensual.

    Thanks for the warm welcome!