Sunday, August 16, 2009

Morgan Mandel and her Killer Career

Killer Career Blog Tour with author, Morgan Mandel!

KILLER CAREER is about a lawyer who wants to quit her day job and be a writer. Sounds tame, right? Not when her mentor is a New York Times bestselling author who not only writes about murders, but also commits them. And what about her law partner? Does he mean more to her than she thought? Will he let her go without a fight?

Did I mention she has an elevator phobia? The bad guy knows that, too.

Sometimes it’s not easy to be a writer, but most of us know that already.

BH: Welcome to Bookland Heights, Morgan. We always like to give our readers a glimpse into the author's world, so here goes. What or whom most influenced your writing?

MM: I enjoyed reading mysteries by Mary Higgins Clark, Dick Francis and Sidney Sheldon, but a library presentation by Chicago-North RWA authors hooked me into the writing addiction.

BH: What is the one thing you want readers to know about your book(s) and/or writing?

MM: My books are very dear to me, but so are all of my online friends. I’ve never met many of them in person, yet I feel I know them very well.

BH: Hope we're included! What is your next project and when can we expect to read it?

MM: After my best efforts to launch KILLER CAREER and set it on its path, I plan on publishing the first book in the Our Little Rascal series, about my special needs dog. I’m also halfway through writing Forever Young, a thriller targeted for the Boomer generation. I hope to get one or both books out within a year.

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The next stop on the tour is on Monday, August 17 at, hosted by Jeffrey Marks.

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HOW I NAMED MY BABY By Morgan Mandel
It’s not easy to name a novel. The title needs to be catchy enough to attract readers, yet descriptive enough to portray what’s inside.
When I was writing KILLER CAREER, its name was Deadly Dreams. That was an okay name. Still, for some reason, maybe because the word, dreams, was in the title, the name lacked energy.
The book was done. It was with my editor. Everything would soon be finalized. I had to think up something and fast, but for the life of me, I couldn’t come up with the right words.
I brainstormed with friends, one of them being the multi-published
Robert W. Walker, a fellow member of Acme Authors Link. He came up with a few suggestions, one of them being Career Killer. I kind of liked the name. Its meaning could be taken more than one way and had alliteration going for it. Still, for some reason it didn’t ring true.
Then it hit me. Switch the two words around. Make it KILLER CAREER. Yes, that sounded exactly right. I’d found a name in the nick of time.
So now you know how I named my baby. Thanks, Rob, for the inspiration.

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  1. Thanks for letting me share your blogspot for a bit on my Killer Career tour.

    Morgan Mandel

  2. Hopefully we will meet in person one day, Morgan!

    L. Diane Wolfe “Spunk On A Stick”

  3. Welcome, Morgan, and good luck with your tour and book launch today 1-4pm at Arlington Hts Historical Museum, 110 W. Fremont, Arlington Room, Arlington Hts, IL across from library.

    Thanks for making BH a part of it! And, thanks, L. Diane, for stopping by!

  4. Welcome, Morgan!

    You'll be busy and having too much fun today with your book launch. Yippee! Glad you'll be with us all week here in Bookland Heights.

    Please share stories from today's event.


  5. Great job--I love the mystery book blurb. Sounds like you're doing well. Congratulations and keep writing!

  6. Morgan, best of luck on your book launch! It's very exciting!

  7. Back from the book launch party. I always say if you're planning something, make sure it's not the same day as my book launch party. That's because I attract crummy weather. My last two book launch parties were in the dead of winter and turned out to be the very coldest day of the year. Because of that track record, I kind of expected not-perfect weather.

    Fortunately, I got my books and refreshments inside the room before the torrential downpours came. Still, no tornadoes or floods, which I half expected. (g)

    I had a steady stream of well wishers who came to get an autographed copy of Killer Career, but I'm sure others who were on the cusp were deterred by the weather. That's something nobody can control.

    We all had a good time, and already I have an offer of a place to use for the book launch party for my dog, Rascal's book. (First I have to get it ready.)

    Thanks for stopping by here and checking out my tour stop.

    Morgan Mandel

  8. Great interview!

  9. Hi Morgan, congratulations on your book. It sounds great! It's a definite on my list to be read.
    Thank you for this interview.
    Jo Ann Hernandez
    BronzeWord Latino Authors

  10. Brainstorming with friends is a great idea to get the creativity juices flowing. It sounds like you came up with the perfect name for your book.

  11. It is amazing how one idea can spark enough. That's why brainstorming is so terrific.

    Morgan Mandel

  12. My fingers are too fast lately. enough should have been another.

    Morgan Mandel

  13. Love the title! Have fun on your blog tour. I'll be putting KILLER CAREER on my tbr list!


  14. Thanks Pam.I'm glad you like it.

    Morgan Mandel