Monday, May 11, 2009

Max Elliot Anderson & Tweener Press Series

"My books are written especially for reluctant reader boys 8 and up. But they are also loved by avid readers, girls, and even adults...If you happen to be a reluctant reader, or are a parent of a reluctant reader, your life is about to change forever!" -- Max Elliot Anderson


  1. Welcome, Max!

    You're obviously meeting a need, writing books for boys around 8 years old.

    A favorite comment from a reader you'd care to share with us?


  2. Welcome, Max! I've been a fan for quite awhile, so I'm honored that you're visiting us! Your books certainly engage all readers.


  3. Good morning, I'm it's nice to be here.

    Yes, Diane, there have been a lot of wonderful comments from parents, teachers, and young readers, as they've discovered my books for the first time. But the following, from the mother of two boys, is probably my favorite.


    “I can't believe it .... as the concerned mother of two struggling readers... who is also the daughter of a children's librarian ... I think I have purchased EVERY book recommended for reluctant readers HOWEVER, they have ALL fallen short UNTIL today. We were able to purchase one of your books ... and we're hooked!!! Any way to convince you that we need you to write faster?? I can't thank you enough for your efforts.”

  4. Thank you, Mary, I appreciate that.

  5. What a great goal, Max, to reach out to reluctant boy readers. They are some of my favorite people, too. :-)

    Keep up the good work!